Craft beer is beer produced by brewpubs, micro-breweries or regional brewers. Craft beers are typically all-malt beers but can in addition contain many natural flavour producing additives like corn, rice, fruits and herbs. The term craft beer was coined to distinguish the distinctive products of [the new generation of] micro and regional breweries from the products of traditionally large breweries.

Craft beer has grown in popularity in the new world and South Africa is no exception. Market is proud to offer you some of the best available.

Brewers & Union Unfiltered Larger – 500ml                R50

Unfiltered, unpasteurised and bursting with flavour, it has phenomenal body and freshness. Hazy to the eye, full on the palate.


Brewers & Union Bavarian Weiss – 500ml                   R50

Delicate, smooth and creamy and true unfiltered Bavarian Weiss. The signature yeast is gloriously expressed in intriguing aromas of vanilla and clove.


Brewers & Union Dark Larger – 500ml                         R50

Easy drinking, dry and beautifully hopped, yet rich and complex and loaded dark roast malt flavours. Smooth, relatively light in body, but bursting with character.


Citizen Saboteur English IPA – 440ml                          R45

Spicy and moderately bitter followed by subtle toasted toffee tones from the malts. Its light body makes this a great session beer


Citizen Alliance Amber Ale – 440ml                               R45

An easy drinking ale with a light-body and an initial light bitterness which is followed by sweeter caramel tones, finishing with a hint of pine from the cascade hops


Citizen Diplomat Czech Pilsner – 440ml                      R45

A dry, crisp and refreshing pilsner. medium-light bodied with an initial bitterness which moves into a sweet malt flavour followed by spicy, earthy flavours from the Saaz hops ending with a refreshing dry finish


CBC – Amber Weiss – 440ml                                          R49

Fruity, aromatic and moderately sweet with notes of banana, coriander and cloves giving it a spicy finish.


Devils Peak Block House IPA – 340ml                         R35

Citrusy floral notes featuring raisins, pine nuts and passion fruit aromas that are enhanced by dry hopping. Combines to give an overall dry sensation amidst malty sweetness.


Devils Peak First Light Golden Ale – 340ml                R35

A blend of tropical fruit characteristics on the nose and a malty sweetness that combines with a light body to give a smooth and subtle finish.


Dragon Fiery Ginger – 440ml                                        R35

A Naturally fermented alcoholic ginger beer that is slow brewed in the traditional way offering a distinct ginger bite that culminates in Crisp and refreshing finish.


Innis & Gunn Oak aged IPA– 330ml                            R45

Aromas of vanilla and toffee, hints of citrus, with a malty, lightly oaked,palate. Deftly balanced and light in texture, soothing and warming in the finish.


Jack Black lager – 340ml                                                R30

A session lager with hints of citrus backed a malty crisp finish creating a great balance between hop bitterness and malt sweetness.


Lumber Jack Amber Ale – 440ml                                 R50

Medium to full bodied with a deep dark red brown hue. This beer has complex malt driven character driven by loads of dark roasted malt.


Standeaven Bohemian Pilsener – 440ml                     R45

Slightly cloud, light gold colour Thin, off-white head with good lacing Vegetable, hops and light malt on the nose, with a dry, high hops bitterness on the palate and very light malt


That Black Stout – 440ml                                               R40

An easy drinking stout with light coffee and chocolate        notes, smooth on the palate and a lingering finish.


That American Pale Ale – 440ml                                  R45

American style pale ale, dark gold colour and moderate bitterness with a good balance between malt and hops, hints of caramel and general fruity aroma.


On Tap:

Poison City – The Bird Lager 500ml                            R40

Poison City – The Punk Rocker EPA                            R40

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